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Sustainability Training for Building Operators and Property Managers

About Euclid

Led by experienced training manager, Jess Vicuna, Euclid Training provides full-service B2B and B2C training services, including curriculum development, recruitment and classroom facilitation.

While specializing in sustainability and workforce training for building operators and property managers, Euclid training has experience running a variety of adult education programs. Its staff and contractors also have extensive experience working on government and university-level contracts. Euclid can successfully navigate large projects, deliver quality curricula, and meet learning objectives.


Green Energy Trainings

Building Operator Certification (BOC®) Trainings
Building Operator Certification Level 1 (74 hours)

Osha Certification Trainings
Osha Construction (10 hours and 30 hours)
Osha General Industry (10 hours and 30 hours)

Energy Auditing
Commercial and Residential Energy Auditing Classes (72 hours)

Consulting Services

Program Training Consultation
1 Hour Free Consultation
Program Marketing
Curriculum Development
Outcomes Management

Recruitment Consultation
Enrollment and Retention Strategies

Energy Project and Rebate Matching
Energy RFPs
Utility Energy Rebate Incentives

Special Events
Master of Ceremony
Conferences Staff Retreats

Inquiries & Scheduling

To learn more about Euclid Training’s building operator certification, lighting auditing training, and other trainings, please schedule a 15-minute consultation through contact  us. If you are ready to enroll, please call (609) 787-4423

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